Menopause: The Mindful Midlife Masterclass Series

Establish a Sustainable & Inspired
Home Yoga Practice in Just 5-minutes a Day.

  • Follow the White Rabbit
    Save time and money all while going deeper into the adventure of your personal spirituality.

  • Drink the Potion of Your Breath
    Unlock the tiny door to the mysterious wonders of your most abundant  resources,​ your intuition and imagination. 

  • Eat From the Caterpillar's Mushroom
    Listen to your inner voice, dig deep inside yourself, ​Open Yourself to Potential & Possibility.

5 Min a Day • 5 Poses • 5 Breaths • 5 Days a Week

Why Home Yoga Practice is Important

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✅ Discover your body's language and how it sings when it's happy.
✅ Learn the deeper symbolism and lessons inside your practice.
✅ Explore the beautiful colors of your intuition and imagination.
✅ Enjoy the priceless magic of not paying for yoga classes.
✅ Relish the timelessness of practicing yoga on your own terms
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The Adventures of Yoga Wonderland

You tumbled down the yoga rabbit hole

Yoga classes are crowded.
Online classes are impersonal.
Studio prices are expensive.
Classes take up too much time in the day.

Drink the Potion of Your Breath

Unlock the tiny door to the mysterious wonders of your most abundant  resource. . .YOUR INTUITION & IMAGINATION!
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Sip Tea with the Mad Hatter
Shift your perspective on life.
Hold poses as long (or short) as feels good.
Skip poses you don't want.
Expect the unexpected on your mat.
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Eat from the Caterpillar's Mushroom
Listen to your inner voice.
Dig deep inside yourself. 
Open Yourself to Potential & Possibility.
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Grin with the Cheshire Cat
Upside-down is natural.
Backwards is the same as forwards.
Left feels like right.
Inside-out is outside-in.
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A Vast Library of Home Yoga Practice Resources

& Audio Book

Yoga Wonderland full text and audio book about the spiritual wisdom and yoga teachings in Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland


14  module easy-to-follow step-by-step guide building your self-guided home yoga practice. 

Asana Guide

Positive affirmations, spiritual benefits, and  cheat sheets for each pose. 


Mini-sequences inspired by the characters in Alice's adventures. 

200+ Hours of Audio Yoga Practices & Guided Meditations

TeriLeigh's top 40 iTunes (2008-2018) Podcast Episodes

Off the Mat 

Integrate yoga into your everyday life with these simple MOZI Method body-mind-spirit exercises you can do anywhere, anytime.

Teri Alice Leigh - Yoga Master

Teri Leigh fell down the yoga rabbit hole in 1999 and has maintained a home yoga practice for over 20 years. From 2008-2018 she traveled across the USA teaching over 200,000 students, and training over 200 yoga teachers. All while podcasting her live-recorded classes to amass a library of over 300 practices. Teri Leigh’s writing teaching offers a unique and playful approach to turn in on yourself (like a telescope) and adventure through the wonderland you cannot find in any yoga class, podcast, or streamed practice.

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