Menopause: The Mindful Midlife Masterclass Series

Healthy Posture Can Heal your Body, Mind, Spirit, and Heart from the Inside Out

  • BODY: Do you have a chronic pain in your neck, back, shoulders, knees, muscles, or joints? Have your tried physical therapy chiropractics, massage, but nothing seems to help your aches, pains, owies and boo-boos?

  • MIND: Does overthinking and momentary mental lapses make you feel like your brain is always in a fog? Does mindfulness and meditation only make your monkey mind chatter?

  • SPIRIT: Do mood swings, anxiety, worry, and emotional stress leave you feeling exhausted and extinguished? Does the idea of therapy, anti-anxiety medication make you feel worse?


I loved the way the so called esoteric body-mind-spirit stuff was explained so simply and clearly using basic science concepts.
Amazing learning experience. Very beautifully explained. Thank you for making this course :)
The course was very informative and it was science-based. I've learned a lot, I can pass this on to my family and loved ones!

TeriLeigh - Body Mechanics Expert

With over 20 years experience as a master yoga teacher, I have worked with over 2000 private clients and taught over 200,000 students. 

I have a unique ability to read the human body posture and mechanics to understand how and where it holds and processes mental and emotional stress. 

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