Tuesdays @ 5pm CDT - February 6-27, 2024

Mindful Eating Positively Impacts Your Every Day Life

Bring your diet & food intake to another level.

4 Weeks to Cultivate Mindful Eating Habits

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Treat your food and mealtimes with respect by creating a positive atmosphere and an energy around food so that you can:

  • slow down the hustle of your day with a mindful and nourishing reset ~ every time you eat.
  • treat your food with love and respect so that it provides you with love and respect.
  • cultivate a gratitude practice around food intake so that you amplify the goodness in your life.
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Refresh yourself and your mealtime rituals with a spiritual relationship with water and hydration by:

  • learning how water heals and rejuvenates you on all levels - body, mind, and soul.
  • using water to help you dilute and detox from anger, anxiety, angst, and other toxic energies.
  • appreciating the natural and spiritual properties of water in your body and life.
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Apply one simple mindful eating rule about WHEN you eat so that you can:

  • Feel fully nourished and supported and have the energy to serve those you care about in your day.
  • Appreciate food as your body's fuel source, and learn when to eat to get the best fuel for your day.
  • give your stomach and digestive system the best conditions to do their digestive work.
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Take the time to really enjoy your food for all it does for you so that you can:

  • create a happier and healthier relationship with food.
  • enjoy your meals, every meal, no matter what you are eating, for the full experience of it.
  • be able to really listen to your body and how it responds to different foods on all levels.

What You Get

Live Class with Q&A

Attend live sessions where I teach LIVE 30 minutes, and reserve 30 minutes for questions and community engagement. The more you engage and participate, the more you learn.


Engage with a community of like-minded people for support, encouragement, accountability, and enhanced learning. TeriLeigh Academy offers a "closed FaceBook group" feel without FB. 

Replay & Re-Learn

If you miss the live class, you get access to the video replay the next day.  Reviewing the video replays is highly encouraged because the more you repeat, the more you learn.

Homework & Downloads

You will get practical homework that is easy to practice and make part of your every day life.
You can view and download the lesson slides, as well as handouts of the key information.

Mindfulness & Stress Management Coach

With over 20 years experience as a master yoga teacher and yoga teacher trainer, TeriLeigh is a Mindfulness Coach who specializes in helping individuals mindfully transition through critical life events. The major life events (divorce, career change, health challenges, grief/loss, etc.) are an opportunity to evolve and grow to a new level of awesome.

TeriLeigh is a wisdom weaver, mind shifter, stress whisperer, and monkey mind shusher who can help you make the absolute best of whatever major life change you encounter.

I have taught over 200,000 students and worked privately with over 2000 clients. With a Master's Degree in Teaching and a passion for neuroscience and brain & nervous system training, I provide a scientific and practical approach to personal growth teachings.

Tuesdays @ 5pm CST
February 6-27, 2024

Can't make it to the live classes?
Enroll anyway and you'll get access to the replay and resources.


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