Menopause: The Mindful Midlife Masterclass Series

How to Thrive as an Empath and Sensitive Soul in the post-pandemic world.

  • Understand what it means to be a Sensitive Soul in the post-pandemic world.
  • Learn and practice simple 3-step 10-second in-the-moment brain-training mindfulness hacks to curb over-thinking, soothe over-stimulation, and cleanse yourself from toxic energies.
  • Explore ways you can up-level your energetic self-protection after 2+ years of uncertainty, anxiety, and constant change.
For Empaths, the pandemic of 2020 served as a SPIRITUAL UPGRADE, a chance to turn within, go quiet, and access the wisdom within yourself. As a result, you enhanced your empathic gifts.

However, re-integration into a new normal requires you to re-build your tolerance for crowds, toxic energies, over-thinking, and over-stimulation. In addition, self-protection is even more difficult after 2+ years of uncertainty, anxiety, and constant change.

Course Lessons

TeriLeigh - Empath

With over 20 years experience as a master yoga teacher and yoga teacher trainer, TeriLeigh is a Mindfulness Coach who specializes in helping individuals mindfully transition through critical life events. The major life events (divorce, career change, health challenges, grief/loss, etc.) are an opportunity to evolve and grow to a new level of awesome. TeriLeigh is a wisdom weaver, mind shifter, stress whisperer, and monkey mind shusher who can help you make the absolute best of whatever major life change you encounter.

I have taught over 200,000 students and worked privately with over 2000 clients. With a Master's Degree in Teaching and a passion for neuroscience and brain & nervous system training, I provide a scientific and practical approach to personal growth teachings.

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