Menopause: The Mindful Midlife Masterclass Series

How to Understand
the Chakra System as Science.

Taught in simple 5th grade science terms,
without any woo-woo mumbo-jumbo esoteric language.

  • A simple scientific explanation of how the chakras work within your body's nervous system.

  • Easy to understand definitions of complex Sanskrit terms used in chakra language.

  • Practical and relatable analogies of how the chakras work within the human body.

What are the Chakras?

A complex energetic wiring system embedded into your nervous system. The chakras manage a giant growing database of all of your lived experiences, childhood conditioning, and the collective history of your ancestors embedded into your DNA. 

Course Lessons

TeriLeigh - Chakras Coach

I've been reading chakras since 1985. I have worked with over 2000 private clients and taught over 200,000 students.

I teach an approach and scientific perspective you've never encountered from any chakra teacher before. I'm a bit of a neuroscience geek. I invented this chakra alignment system based on over a decade of study of anatomy, physiology, chakra energetics, yoga, meditation, shamanism, and brain research. 


I can see Chakras! 
I had no idea what they were 6 months ago.
This was one of the best spiritual, physical, mind, body experiences I have ever had.
This Chakra Program brought all the colors back into my life, only now they are even better!
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BAsed on Terileigh's best selling book

The Goldilocks Principle

Are your chakras excessive? Too much energy spinning them that your nerves are constantly frayed? Or are your chakras deficient? Not enough energy spinning in them that things get stuck and don't work? Or are your chakras extreme? Constantly swinging the pendulum from too much to too little? What is your dominant chakra that guides your natural born abilities and tendencies?

This book, true to its title, is an example of the *just right* way to learn, align, and balance your chakras so that you feel like you have learned something that you can apply to your life immediately. Packed full of practical and relatable case studies, analogies, and examples, the stories in this book will have you *reading* the chakras of all your friends and family without ever needing the psychic ability to *see*.
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