• "I have removed toxic relationships from my life and am repairing important ones." ~Aleshia

  • "I can handle my stress without my stress managing me." ~Angela

  • "I have found ways to ground and maintain joy during difficult times." ~Lindee

  • I am happier, healthier, stronger, more empowered - and still growing and healing." ~Amanda



Soothe anxieties and quiet your worry & fears, so that you can feel safe, stable, and supported even in times of trouble.


Shift your perspective and let go of what doesn't serve you so that you can open to creative possibilities.


Stop people pleasing, putting others before yourself, and over-working so that you can feel calm confidence and self-assurance. 


Break patterns of over-giving so that you can attract and nurture healthy relationships where you feel secure, loved, supported, and valued.


Speak your mind so that you can feel heard, listen actively, stop hiding and express your true self.


Stop over-thinking and second-guessing so that you can access your intuition, trust yourself, and find the answers you have within yourself.


See what you haven't seen in your world before, so that you can tap into the collective wisdom of your ancestors and heal generational trauma of your lineage.

What You Will Learn

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Chakra Balance
Learn how your chakras are out of balance and how to align them better.

Become aware of your childhood woundings, ancestral trauma, and unconscious habits and how they influenced your chakra behaviors.
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Learn the power of oxygen to create balance & alignment in everything. 

Practice the BEST breathing technique to reset your nervous system and create a new baseline. Teach your body to default to a fuller and deeper breathing rhythm.
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Body Awareness
Learn where each chakra lives in your physical body, and simple body actions to balance them. 

Practice specific posture and muscle exercises throughout your everyday life - called bandhas - to teach your chakras to adjust themselves into balance.
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Brain Training
Learn how to change patterns and unconscious behaviors through inner child healing work. 

Practice short brain training and neurological rewiring exercises to heal childhood wounding and create new habits and norms.
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Natural Rituals
Learn the magic of engaging with natural elements (earth, water, fire, etc.) as a portal to accessing your true nature. 

Perform indigenous nature offerings and rituals  to address deep seeded issues and challenges on the subconscious levels.
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Ancestor Work
Learn how to develop and maintain a spiritual relationship with your ancestors. 

Establish a sustainable daily spiritual practice that is both fulfilling and enticing as well as deeply healing and supportive to the chakra system and your overall wellness.

Course Lessons

TeriLeigh - Chakras Coach

I've been reading chakras since 1985. I have worked with over 2000 private clients and taught over 200,000 students.

I teach an approach and scientific perspective you've never encountered from any chakra teacher before. I'm a bit of a neuroscience geek. I invented this chakra alignment system based on over a decade of study of anatomy, physiology, chakra energetics, yoga, meditation, shamanism, and brain research. 

Get Balanced & Aligned 

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